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Now accepting applications!

What is the Great Commitments
Student Tour of Georgia?

During Spring Break each year, up to 40 students will visit a diversity of locations across the state to engage with local communities, learn about state government, and experience the University’s connections with people across the state first-hand. The five-day tour provides students an opportunity to network and develop relationships while becoming familiar with the University’s many contributions to the state and reflecting on their experiences.

What is the purpose of the Great Commitments
Student Tour of Georgia?

  • Experience

    Provide UGA undergraduate students with a broad, experiential introduction to the State of Georgia’s geography, demographics, diversity, economy, history, and culture.

  • Social Challenges

    Highlight UGA’s commitment to addressing important social and economic challenges of the state through its research, teaching, and public service.

  • Networking

    Create opportunities for students to network and develop interpersonal connections with peers, alumni, and other leaders across campus and the state.

  • The University’s Mission

    Familiarize students with UGA’s land-grant and sea-grant missions.

  • Professional Development

    Identify future professional and personal development opportunities throughout Georgia.

  • Show off our Students

    Showcase UGA students to key stakeholders and underscore UGA’s continued investment in excellence for undergraduate education and personal development.

  • Community Relations

    Provide outstanding media and community relations opportunities, particularly in local areas visited during the trip.

What does it cost?

The Great Commitments Student Tour of Georgia is free for the students selected to participate! Program benefits include all expenses, including meals, travel, and lodging for off-campus experiences, as well as the opportunity to meet and learn alongside other UGA students who share similar interests in learning more about the State of Georgia and the University of Georgia’s great commitments to healthier people, stronger communities, and a more secure future.

The Great Commitments Student Tour of Georgia is presented by the Office of the President, the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach.

When is the Great Commitments
Student Tour of Georgia?

The Student Tour of Georgia occurs during Spring Break each year.

The Student Tour of Georgia has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Please check back for updates on when the tour will resume.


How do I apply to participate in the
Great Commitments Student Tour of Georgia?

Check back for updates on when the Great Commitments Student Tour of GA will resume accepting applications.